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The Wood for the Trees by muf architecture/art is a major new commission for Grizedale Visitor Centre by this internationally renowned practice. The commission has been developed to interpret Grizedale's wider forest environment within the context of the visitor centre itself.

The innovative installation incorporates a sound piece created by Lead Artist Katherine Clarke with Composer and Sound Artist Neil Luck. The sonic composition is based on the call of the hen harrier bird. 12 phrases of sound have been created by musical instruments and fragments of recordings of the voices of Forestry Commission staff. As the hen harrier occupies the same ecological niche as the Sitka Spruce trees in the forest, the phrases of sound will be played on a shuffle system organised by the DNA code of the Sitka Spruce tree.



The central sculptural element of the installation incorporates a fallen ancient oak tree from the forest valley. The uprooted specimen reveals an arboricultural underworld, its huge root plate is woven with the fabric of the earth from which it fell and shattered bedrock. Weighing approximately 11 tonnes the tree hovers slightly off of the ground which will be planted with a specially designed scheme of plants inspired by species native to the forest and echoing those which have taken hold on the tree itself since it was blown over in 2005.